Sunday, September 27, 2009

News Break

There was the noise of gunfire and 2 loud booms we heard tonight at the fort.  

From what I understand some of this has been reported on the news.  Wanted to give everyone an update.

When the first and loudest of the explosions happened - I left my room to investigate.  I passed one of the architects and said "Did you hear that - what was it?"  "Sounds like an explosion that happened not too far from here" and he proceeded to the kitchen to get himself a bottle of water. 

Not terribly comforting. 

I soon ran into Shoshana who let me know they were investigating to see what it was. 

No clear stories have come out about this but apparently the second of the explosions was a controlled explosion (like a mine they found and detonated).  Still unclear what the first one was and if there was a relationship between the two.  

All this to say we are safe.  There were countless calls that Shoshana received from concerned people from other parts of Kabul as one of the explosions was reported as being in this area. 

As it happened there was a large group dinner planned this evening at the fort.  There were great plates of hummus and lamb and bottles of wine passed around.  

Rory had returned from a couple of weeks away.  He thanked everyone for being here and for all of their work.  He reassured them there was great support for their work in the outside world and a real appreciation for what they are doing.  He also raised a glass to welcome Judy and me.

Everyone laughed and told stories as phones continued to ring and buzz with people checking in. 

Like going out to dinner on the night that 9/11 happened or clearing the fridge of champagne during the blackout - life goes on  - and sometimes these experiences even bring us closer together. 

Thanks all for your kind thoughts and prayers.


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  1. Stephen, I am following your posts with great interest. Glad you are safe, although I can imagine the explosions are unsettling.
    While as you know I am a great fan of Rory Stewart's, isn't he now working in the (relative) safe haven of Cambridge, MA? :-)
    Stay safe and enjoy!