Friday, September 25, 2009


For those interested - here is an update on the beard.  Its a bit scraggly (and as it turns out not at all necessary)  But I figure if I am already 11 days in - lets see what happens.


  1. Hey Bearded man,
    The pic of you with a beard makes you look so much like Bernie that for a minute I was confused. I gave mom your blog link (I hope that's okay) and she LOVED reading about you. She wanted to email you and I said she can just comment so she may try it.

    Keep the posts coming-- it's fun to be in your head

    Babis McBabis

  2. where are you today or yesterday or this minute. Liam and Gabe are here and the Cleveland Kipps all agree it is the Bernie pose

  3. Liam, Gabe and Hyla all agree with look scary-Bernie. Of course, your profile picture makes you look like Dave. Maybe mom had triplets and wasn't informed. Keep the blogs coming. Last time we heard from you you were headed for the music and drinks in the yard. Maybe the guys with the Makers Mark showed up? Enjoying your reflections on what makes a democracy...more than the act of voting, that's for sure. If the last decade has demonstrated anything its that the right of democratic expression at the polls has to be accompanied with broad-based education of the population; otherwise you have folks "Jay-Walking" their liberties away. Keep the posts coming. DaddyKipp