Sunday, April 3, 2011

Setting Sale

The sale went on as it was hoped to. The timing was noon to 4 and although most people did not show up in the early hours - after 2:00 most were ready to leave their houses and come and check out the wares.

The English Ambassador showed up with his wife, some friends and of course his own security detail. Never one to let adversity get her down - Judy sold something to every person in that party - save the security detail.

After the sale was over many went to Babur's Garden anxious to get out. I decided to stay at the fort, relax - and get a few photos of the fort at sunset.

The courtyard turned over from being ready for the sale to preparing for a bonfire in the evening.

We ate Indian food and talked around the bonfire in the chill night air.

The following day was the opening at Murad Khane.

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