Sunday, March 27, 2011

Returning to Kabul

So as I make my way this week going back to Afghanistan I have posted the photos from my last trip. It took me a while (a year and a half) to figure out how to post these but as the new trip approaches I figured it out - thank god for you tube.

The first few photos are of Dubai and then go on to photos of Kabul and Istalif. The song is "Good Arms vs. Bad" by Frightened Rabbit.

I guess it will serve as my long promised final blog posting from my last trip and the kick off to my journey back.

I am finally packed and ready to go (I think) but nerves and Diet Coke have me unable to sleep.

I realize I am a little less prepared this time. Last time I had done reading and studied up. This time with work and and my life being in a very different place than it was a year and a half ago - I find myself a little less sure - but excited as well.

The few conversations I have had with Shoshana about the events of the weekend have brought on that excitement. Helping to prepare for and participate in an event in Afghanistan will definitely be different than what it is in NY or LA. I am intrigued to see the project completed and to be there as the institute and the running of Turquoise Mountain gets handed over to the Afghans.

I fly in the morning through Dubai and then onto Kabul.

Will post more then. Thanks all for your support.


  1. p.s. Woah! Am moved to tears while watching the slide show. Moved again by your initial blog with the story of how you got there. I will keep you in my prayers. Thrilled to have a living story to read daily, and as your dad pointed out, you clearly have a writing gift which captivates your readers! I'm rivited, and as I said before....moved.